Tuesday, September 09, 2008

IMOO Race Day. Race report.

I have been moved to here http://ironrosey.com/?p=109


Anonymous said...

OMG!! I was a lady pirate at cross plains and saw you. We were so excited about your pirate jersey! Sounds like you had an awesome race. Well done!


Rosey said...

lol, you guys were awesome, or orsum as we put it, I really looked forward to the second loop as your support was great, to find a pirate aid area was great being a lonely pirate it was something else, thanks for the cheers, really appreciate it, check us out at runnersworld.co.uk as there are loads of us.

Rosey said...

in fact this is a better place to check us out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, just come accross this so well done mate and tough luck re-Hawaii youll get there mate. Give me a call if you read this as I recently lost my mobile and all contacts etc so need to get your number. Cheers Birdman (Nick C)

Anonymous said...

You guys have such a fun group! But seriously intense...maybe I can be a honorary yank pirate once I complete IMOO in 2010. ;) Good luck to all the pirates out there! If anyone is planning on Wisconsin in '09, the Chicago Tri Club will be back at Cross Plains cheering you on. Not sure what the theme will be next year. Personally I'm voting for a Vegas theme. Can you just see 50 odd Elvis impersonators and showgirls?


Rosey said...

you can join in anytime with the pirates, we already have a number of US members, just order the kit off the thread and bingo, you are a pirate ;-) good luck in your attempt in 2010, I know one person heading to Wisco for 2009 so I will tell him to look out for the showgirls ;-)

BobTries said...

Wow, great race report and insight into the mind of an Ironman during the event. Frankly, quite scary, but very inspirational. I'm amazed.

Rosey said...

cheers Rob, there are a few more race reports on there so feel free to check them out, also you know where I am on RW or here so any questions knock yourself out, good luck with the training for the rest of the year.

Alex said...

Hi Nick !
Alex from Moscow is here :-)
I send you a E-Mail but did not get any answer. May be the address was wrong ...How are you ?

PS - if my comment is against the rules of the blog - i apologize - delete it.