Friday, June 12, 2009

The Cheshire Triathlon 2009

Another sprint, this time to get one in the bag for the Chester Tri summer league, its one of the downsides of being a long distance athlete that in our summer league you need 3 events to count as an average percentage for the year, each 1/2 IM counts as only one (your best) and the IM is the same. But thrown in the pot is a number of sprints and Olympics, so pick one and theres the 3.

Another well run event, this time the swim another 500m effort was outside in a brine pool, not too bad, 16 lengths of the 33m pool. The bike course is well known to me and fairly mundane with a good blast on the home stretch, the run again was off road.
Great support by the pirates (after I had finished) they were all in bed lol, I had an early start ! Pleased with result as wanted Top 10.

Position First Name Last Name Sex swim split bike split run split total time
1 CHRIS JOYCE Male 23 00:06:06 00:34:03 00:17:55 00:58:04
2 Nick Riding Male 33 00:06:49 00:32:44 00:18:31 00:58:04
3 Marc Laithwaite Male 37 00:07:45 00:32:51 00:17:31 00:58:07
4 Ian Roberts Male 29 00:07:23 00:33:29 00:17:39 00:58:31
5 Tim Johns Male 42 00:07:43 00:34:21 00:18:20 01:00:24
6 Andy Bentley Male 43 00:07:19 00:34:23 00:18:45 01:00:27
7 Anthony Hough Male 35 00:08:16 00:33:07 00:19:54 01:01:17
8 Dominic Sanderson Male 29 00:06:47 00:37:30 00:17:07 01:01:24
9 Nick Rose Male 38 00:08:07 00:34:05 00:19:19 01:01:31

Nice picture of me here but once again copyrighted so I won't infringe.

Event is well supported and one of the biggest in the area, Vic Bickertons lot do run races well and have done for a few years now, if you can get your head round the brine pool its a good beginner event as well as a good blast for the faster guys.