Monday, May 25, 2009

Anfield B.C. 100 mile TT

Well, what can I say about time trials, before this nothing as I had never done one, so 100 miles for the first, tough, mentally tough, took a lot to keep my form on the aero bars, still didn't manage it but after 3 hours straight I wasn't really used to it and started to fidget, arms ached, back ached, pointless wearing an earo helmet if you are going to keep looking down at your Garmin as well !!

My best piccie for this is here and even though I am not publishing it I will give credit to Kimroy for the picture, may even buy it myself lol !

My Garmin output is here, pretty even race, did the 50 in 2.17 and finished in 4hours 33mins on my clock. Would have liked faster but a few more 50;s and I might stand a better chance of pacing it harder and smarter.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Lymm Sprint Triathlon 2009

The first tri of the year for me and as it was close decided to do Lymm as a warm up. Can't stand pool swims but needs must this early in the season, not being the best swimmer when I haven't got a wetsuit on does make a difference !! As proved by Chris taking 2 minutes out of me in 500 metres !!

Results are here

Result for me was 6th.

Pos Forename Surname Gender Swim Bike Run Total Time
1 Chris Standidge Male 0:06:40 0:41:52 0:17:17 1:07:39
2 RogerWitz Barnes Male 0:06:27 0:42:27 0:17:47 1:08:35
3 Alan Copland Male 0:06:55 0:43:22 0:17:31 1:09:28
4 Beau Smith Male 0:06:07 0:43:52 0:17:46 1:10:16
5 Christian Preece Male 0:07:42 0:46:35 0:17:14 1:13:14
6 Nick Rose Male 0:08:34 0:44:42 0:19:37 1:14:41

Overall I thought the event was well run, its a small town/village and there seemed to be a good amount of advertising on the web from the local community, the marshalls were very helpful, if sometimes a little preoccupied lol !! huddled down out of the wind on one of the junctions made me laugh. Results out pretty quickly and the attitude of the organisors very good for a beginners triathlon, very friendly, would recommend.