Thursday, December 16, 2010

Literary Success and a thirst for consistency

It has been 7 long weeks since my last confession and I feel like I have been reborn, ok, far too many religious images there for me but I have had a few very good weeks recently.

OK, in brief, the training for November, it wasn't the most consistent, I had a good first week, then I was in London for a week on a course, after what seemed like a good idea attending an aerobics type tabata session on the Tuesday I couldn't walk for a week, school boy error, my own fault, but you learn, hopefully.

After restarting my training I was interupted with a bout of illness, and I mean REALLY ill, I lost 9lbs in 24 hours, bad food that did me no favours in the training stakes, I battled on for a few days but had no energy for the next 2 or 3 days even though I had my appetite back. I chilled until the weekend, hoping mates on the long ride would help me get back into it, no such luck, family comes first and family called.

After this 2 weeks of not training I was hit with the dreaded CBA'itis ! Its a killer, I just didn't want to do anything, lost it completely, training took a back seat to family, my work and beer again.

What to do ? well what can you do ? I didn't fight it, I waited for the good voice in my head to kick in and tell me that I was being an idiot, that took about 4 days, ever since then I have built back up to the last fortnight, consistent and even-paced. Swimming was the hardest to come back from, the weather has been very bad and getting up early doors is not my favourite, I love my turbo and running (on the treadmill mostly at the moment) so that was easier, I really wanted to get to the pool though and I think I won that battle.

OK, so to December and why so happy .....

I got to see my mum for the first time since Kona 2009, she has moved to Scotland near my brother, so myself, Kelly and Teya packed up and visited for the weekend, it was lovely, Teya was doted on the whole weekend, was great to see my brother and family, we had a great laugh in the snow. My mum looked after everything for us and made us really at home, love her loads xx she also got involved with the next bit of amazing news.

Nick Rose (yes, little old me) is going to be the amateur face of Computrainer UK for 2011, woohoo, unbelievable, I won a competition run by Simon Ward of to use and train with a CompuTrainer for 2011.

I am a gadget monster and was gutted when I had to sell my Tacx Cosmos to afford to go to Kona in 2009 so I entered the competition thinking I probably wouldn't win but what have I got to lose.
I wrote my piece while I was in Ayr with my mum getting the final review lol ! I sent it off and hoped for the best.

Then 10 days later I had the call from Simon, 'I would like you to be the face of Computrainer for 2011" he said, I was doing cartwheels while trying to remain professional on the phone, "and all I ask in return is for you to beast yourself regularly using a great bit of kit and then tell a few people how you are improving"

Noooooooooo problemo !!! :-) My winter just got easier and harder at the same time.

The last 4 weeks have been hard for triathletes (well most athletes really) in the UK. I am sure if you come from Canada or Boulder (like anyone over there is reading this lol !!) what we endure is a snow flurry in comparison but to the UK, it has been the end of the world as most people knew it.

So step to today, I have done most of my running in the garage on what now has got to be classed as purchase of the year - Tunturi treadmill and I now have my brand spanking sexy CompuTrainer set up next to it. Below is the picture of me accepting it from Simon in Leeds last week.

Also got to say a great big thanks to Phil at D&M Cycles as he has helped me with a bike specifically to use on the CT as it means I don't have to keep uncabling my road bike everytime we go out, in March I will probably start to use the TT bike on the CT more often to get the position dialed in.

So, Xmas departs and the aim to improve my CP20 by 10% starts here, my initial test is 293w so my aim really is to get to 330w or thereabouts to crack the predicted hour 25mile TT.

I will also be looking at a slightly smaller blog but on a more regular basis to keep up with the training and improvements.

I hope everyone had a great Xmas and the calories are starting to be burned off, looking forward to a great New Year.