Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ironman World Championships 2009 - Race Report

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David Rowe said...

Great report and photos. I loved reading every word of it. Well done.

Russ said...

Congrats on a great race.

Good to meet you. And to have a chance to apologise after the race for my snappy comments! You caught me at a bad time!

Rosey said...

Not a problem Russ, as you can see I had one of them moments myself with the suntan cream, all in the heat of the battle lol ! Best of luck in Perth.

Anonymous said...

great race report
did the arm coolers work for you?
enjoyed very much following your lead up to kona - very inspiring.

Rosey said...

Arm coolers were superb, not to be tried new on race day though lol, elastic tops rub, a lot!!! When soaking wet. But on bike worked well, you will see in my aftermath post this week what happens when you try something for the first time in an IM

lord_lordy said...

well done big guy !
See you there next year ?

Anonymous said...

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